High security network of m3connect for KIRaPol.5G

Artificial intelligence for radar systems to support police surveillance in public places and train stations, in short KIRaPol.5G. This is one of our company’s new 5G projects, which is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the 5G.NRW competition. Together with the project partners IMST GmbH, Telefonbau Arthur Schwabe GmbH, the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and various security authorities (Federal Police, Bavarian State Criminal Police Office, Mönchengladbach Police Headquarters), we are developing a concept in which public areas can be monitored in compliance with data protection requirements by using innovative technologies.
Instead of video systems, radar technology is increasingly used. Here, radio waves can be used to detect not only individual objects, but also their position and speed. In this case, it is not possible to draw personal conclusions, as could be the case with video surveillance using facial recognition. This results in a considerable advantage in terms of data protection. AI-supported pattern recognition will be used to read out people’s movements from the radar data, which will also make it possible to identify dangerous situations, among other things. For example, if a person is lying motionless on the ground, an alarm can be automatically triggered at the security authorities. In this way, emergencies can be quickly recognized and a correspondingly rapid response can be made.
In this project, we are responsible for the network infrastructure for transmitting the highly secured data streams. The radar systems are connected to the central components via the 5G network. The data collected there is then in turn transmitted via a highly encrypted connection to a cloud, from which the alarms are triggered to the security authorities in subsequent use cases. The pilot project will be the main train station in Mönchengladbach, including the forecourt.